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A Quick Roadtrip Down South

With our NYC lease expiration coming at the end of the month, we made a quick trip down South last week to relocate our remaining possessions – at least the ones we intend to keep – to our new home base in Georgia.

Fortunately, living in the same 600-square foot apartment in Manhattan for the past 7 years has significantly limited our capacity to accumulate stuff.

Couple that with the fact that we don’t plan to keep any of our larger furniture (most of which is old/IKEA), and you can see why we opted for a one-way minivan rental (~$300) over a significantly pricier U-Haul (~$1,700) or heaven forbid a moving company (we didn’t even bother pricing this out).

With our minivan chariot awaiting, we packed up the apartment prior to our departure on Wednesday morning.

We deployed a highly sophisticated packing strategy of throwing things into a big pile in the middle of the living room


Despite initial concerns that we might have too much stuff for the van, we were pleased to find that everything fit rather comfortably. Turns out our entire life basically fits into a minivan!

Note the handle of Tito’s packed front/center – clearly our priorities are in order.


The drive from New York to Georgia is about 14-hours long (closer to 16 if you account for stretching/Chick-Fil-A breaks). We tackled the trip over the course of 2 days.

The first leg of our trip included about 10 hours of driving from New York to Charlotte, where we stayed with our close friend Emily (thanks Crutch!). Our route took us out west through the middle of Pennsylvania and then through the northern part of Virginia, which was beautiful. We really enjoyed the drive and would highly recommend the I-81 route to anyone making a similar trip.

Enjoying dinner, a beer flight, and a spectacular view at Ballast Point Brewery outside of Roanoke


The second leg of the trip was about 5 hours from Charlotte to Georgia. This drive was less scenic, but thankfully much shorter than the previous day. We arrived at our final destination around 2:30pm and, after a quick lunch, unloaded our belongings from the minivan chariot into our designated closet space.

Our entire life also fits into a closet…


We spent next day taking care of a few housekeeping items to finalize our move to Georgia. Of note, we had a positively delightful experience at the local DMV! I’m totally serious. Smiling faces, helpful assistance, and an efficient process – this DMV really had it all.

At least I think that’s what happened. We were probably just delirious from the whirlwind of the past few days by that point.

T-minus 8 days until our departure for Italy! We don’t have any hotels/AirBnb’s booked yet, so we might want to start looking into that…





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