San Juan de Gaztelugatxe near Bilbao, Spain


Hi there!

Welcome to See the World in 2020. We built this site to share details of our “gap year” away from corporate jobs while we travel the world.

That offensively good looking couple in the header is us! Kevin and Christina. We are two 30-somethings who recently left our jobs in New York to embark on the journey of a lifetime. For over a decade, we have committed much of our time and energy to climbing the ladder at our respective companies. Our hope is that for the next year or so we will be able to redirect that energy into something a little more…interesting.

You might glance at this site and assume that this is just another travel blog, but you would be wildly incorrect in that assessment. It’s also a food blog. So the joke’s on you.

Seriously, while travel (and food) are obviously going to be overriding themes of our journey, our hope is that we can use this site as our own personal corner of the internet to cover a much wider range of topics. From observations about leaving a comfortable career path (spoiler alert: it’s a bit unnerving) to actionable advice on how to financially prepare for a trip like this (we’ve drawn much inspiration from the FIRE movement), our intention is to cover a lot of ground here.

The title of our site – See the World in 2020 – can be read in the most literal of ways (we are actually going to see the world in 2020!), but it also represents our desire to approach this adventure with clarity of mind and vision. There is so much wonder and awe-inspiring beauty to be seen in this world once we step outside of our comfort zones. Our sincere hope is that this site will allow you to share those experiences alongside us, and maybe even inspire you to make a similar leap at some point in your own life.

We love engaging with people from around the world, so please don’t hesitate to give us a shout with any comments, questions, or travel recommendations 🙂

*Please note – we JUST launched this website and neither of us is a skilled web developer, so the site might be “under construction” for the next couple of weeks. Please just bear with us!*